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Why Drainage System is an Important Aspect in Landscape Designing?

Typically, most people ignore the benefits of a drainage system in their garden and prefer other aspects of their landscape design. However, its the drainage system which ensures that your lawn and landscape don’t get damaged by excess water and any excess rainwater and dirt drain into the required area.

Drainage problems can not only wreak havoc on your property, but they can also damage the foundation of your home. If you find small potholes in your home or areas in your yard that flood and collect after rain, you may have a drainage problem.

At Gorski Landscaping, our experts pay special attention to providing the best yard drainage solutions so that none of our customers have to face any of the above issues. 

Being the best landscaping company in Rochester, it’s our responsibility to help them to care better care of their landscape. So dive deep into the topic and understand it better.

Causes of Drainage Issues

Below are the most common causes of drainage issues in a property.

  • Poorly designed architecture and landscape design that does not take into account water flow and runoff.
  • Non-porous surfaces that result in stagnant and standing water.
  • Having a property in flood-prone areas with a high groundwater level and low elevations.
  • Having blocked gutters and downspouts in the property.
  • Poor yard grading where the yard is perfectly flat instead of having a pitch between 1-3%.

Benefits of a Drainage System

Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Water damage can be one of the most common and costly forms of damage to your home. When water doesn’t have a proper place to go, it will normally flow to the lowest part of the garden. Oftentimes, this is the foundation of your home. Landscape drainage solutions help in properly draining water that gets collected on your outdoors so that your home never faces any water damage. That’s why whenever you hire our experts for landscape designing, the first thing they will discuss is the drainage system.

Prevent Bugs and Termite Damage

Many homeowners do not realize that the reason they have so many bugs in their homes is because of moisture. Many bedbugs, such as mosquitoes, live and breed in stagnant water. Ants also attract moisture and can cause great damage to the house. With the right garden drainage and pest control, you can save a lot of money and create a more comfortable outdoor living space.

Boosts Plant’s Health

Soil erosion can damage plants and trees because it deprives them of the nutrients they need to grow. Exposed tree roots can make a tree unstable and more likely to fall in bad weather. Drainage systems ensure that your plants gain enough water to drain excess, which can be harmful.

Prevents Stagnant Water 

Standing water can make slippery surfaces dangerous to humans and pets. It doesn’t look nice. Still, water can also drown your plants. But perhaps the worst thing about standing water is that it is a mosquito paradise. Standing water is also an ideal place for the growth of bacteria and parasites, which can pose a risk to the health of children and animals.

Keep Your Yard Great!

Apart from the above ones, efficient drainage systems keep your landscape from becoming an unsightly swamp. Hope now you have understood the importance of a drainage system in a great landscape design.If you don’t want to pay loads of money and want to ensure that your home foundation stays intact for a long time. We recommend you invest in advanced drainage solutions for your landscape. Call us at 716-380-0680

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