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Stunning Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Spruce Up your Outdoor Space

Good backyard landscaping ideas can add up to 20% to your home’s value.

Gazing out to a vast space behind your house ought to get your mind running about backyard landscaping ideas. The rear space is an extension of your home. And it deserves the same care and attention as any part of the property. 

Your backyard design will set the tone for all your future outdoor landscaping projects. So, it’s important to plan it wisely with professional landscape designers Rochester NY

But before you start building the outdoor oasis of your dreams, know what the dream is. Would you prefer a modern or a classic vibe? Are you looking to create an entertaining or relaxing space?

Here is a list of trending design ideas to help inspire your backyard landscaping project.

Pick Your Favorite Backyard Landscape Design

English Cottage Garden

Fit for a storybook, an enchanting English cottage garden can become the epitome of charm in your backyard. Fill in with a dense hodgepodge of edible fruits, flowers, and veggies. This is one of the quaintest backyard landscaping ideas on our list. 

If you want, you can go a bit crazy with your cottage garden. You can plant a little bit of totally different things to get a picturesque outdoor look. 

For instance – you can plant some lavender in one place, daisies or other flowers in some other place. Complete this look with some boxwood, vines, and other shrubs. 

A Relaxing Water Feature With Fountain

Add elegance and zen to the outdoor space with water features. Allow the soft babbling and gentle splashes of water to bring a relaxing vibe to your backyard. 

Depending on your available backyard space, you can add the water fountain to a pond or pool or make it part of a birdbath. You can also install the water feature above-ground or as a small tabletop structure.

Several Seating Areas

This can be one of the most beneficial backyard landscaping ideas for your yard. You can incorporate a range of seating areas in the backyard for eating, lounging, reading, or simply getting the most from your outdoor space. 

We have seen homeowners very often dragging the same patio chair around the yard to enjoy or avoid the sunshine. Instead, you can place patio furniture in your backyard strategically. This will ensure you and your guests always have a comfortable place to sit and chill.

Minimalist Backyard Space

Adding more elements to your backyard landscaping may not necessarily be the answer. In some backyards, more plants and flowers, more furniture, and more of anything else make the yard look more cluttered. 

You also need to consider the time and care it takes to maintain each of your backyard landscaping ideas. So, if you want, choose to take away the extra stuff and keep the backyard vibe simple and content. Instead, highlight your yard’s simple, natural elements. 

Multipurpose Backyards

The backyard landscaping ideas must suit the needs and desires of your entire household. In the single backyard, you may need to –

  • Built a space for kids to play
  • Plant a vertical garden
  • Bring in trees to provide more shade
  • Plant flowers that entice bees and hummingbirds

…. And the list goes on and on! 

Before deciding on a design that drastically limits the use of your backyard, consider everything you want to use the yard for. Make sure that the backyard landscaping ideas work in harmony with your lifestyle. 

Well-Installed Retaining Wall

Looking for a useful and attractive backyard landscaping idea? Then, consider adding a retaining wall. Retaining walls holds back soil and prevents soil erosion and other potential damage to your home. 

But before breaking ground on the retaining wall, get a detailed understanding of your property line. Check all the above-ground and underground utility lines. Know if your yard soil will support the wall. 

Small Swimming Pool

It’s hard to beat the charm of an inviting and gorgeous pool. There is no match to the calming blue color of the water. 

A backyard with a pool is a must-have for the summer – whether you are hanging out with your friends, reading, or practicing your swimming laps. It will feel like a vacation in your own backyard.

There is a range of pools out there to suit your specific requirements. Your ideal backyard pool landscaping could be –

  • A small pool for the kids
  • A pool of a specific shape or length
  • Or a diving board

The right landscaper will be able to bring your pool vision to life.

Ground-Level Deck

Search the word “deck” online and you will see images of a barbeque grill area, a cozy outdoor room, a fresh air yoga space, and tons of other ideas. 

Advantages of adding a deck to your backyard space include –

  • Less landscaping maintenance
  • More room to entertain
  • Elevated aesthetic appeal
  • Potentially increased property value

There are a lot of amazing reasons to say YES to adding a deck to your backyard space. So, what’s yours?

Build A Pond

Another cool way to amp up your outdoor space is by building a pond. If you can manage to pull this backyard landscaping idea well, your yard will become the “new stress-free space” that exudes feelings of relaxation. 

Fill up the pond with fish and pond plants (water lilies, horsetail, or taro). Once you establish the pond, you will have to spend less time on maintaining the backyard. You will be able to spend more time enjoying the pond rather than working on it.

Backyard ponds are a terrific addition to a large outdoor space. It gives a noteworthy aesthetic feature to your home. 

All Set To Enhance The Look Of Your Backyard?

If yes, then connect with Gorski Landscaping Rochester– the best landscaping company in Rochester. Our expert landscapers can implement any of the above ideas for your backyard perfectly. We also have other amazing backyard landscaping ideas for creating a space you would love to hang out in. 

Make the most of your backyard space with us!

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