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How to Design Your Landscape with Rock

Landscaping rocks are a great way to give character to a garden that is too shady or not suitable for growing plants. They also add depth and dimension to your lawn.

The beautifully weathered appearance of landscape rocks can also be combined with shrubs, flowers, succulents, and trees to create inorganic mulch. Doesn’t matter how you decide to use them, adding rocks is an environmentally friendly solution that saves water, reduces garden maintenance, and reduces fertilizer consumption.

While landscape rock installation services can immensely help in enhancing complex large projects that have many aspects and layers, you can also design smaller scale projects by yourself(such as corners decorated with gravel and river stones.)

Let’s discuss some great landscaping design ideas from the best landscaping company in Rochester that can take your property’s appeal to the next level.

Steps to Install Rocks in Your Landscape

Before you go on to realize your dream landscape you should know some pre-requisites for landscape rock installation. Let’s learn.

  • Prepare the area: Remove existing grass, weeds, or other plants, roots, and anything else you intend to install rocks. Consider spraying herbicide to kill the remaining vegetation. Wait at least two weeks for the herbicide to take effect.
  • Line the ground: Use a landscaping fabric to control weeds from growing between the rocks. The lining also reduces erosion so that the rocks do not fall into the ground. Cover the ends of each edge of the fabric by 3 to 6 inches and anchor the sides with U-shaped garden staples.
  • Plant wisely: During plantation, cut a large X from the fabric of the scene and pin the flaps back before planting them in the ground.
  • Lay the rock: After all the plants are in their place, you can start installing the gravel, pebbles, river rocks, boulders, or other decorative stones you want. And that’s it! Step back and enjoy the beautiful rocky landscape you have just created.

Landscaping Ideas with Rocks

Here are some of the top landscape design ideas to be decorated with rocks:

Mulch substitute 

Gravel might be more expensive than tree root covering, but it offers some great advantages. One of the main reasons for choosing rock is longevity, which is certain to last for the life of your garden. The yellow color of the stone creates an eye-catching contrast with the leaves of shrubs and flowers.

Flower bed edging

Whether it’s creating a raised stone border or simply placing the rocks around the edge of the flower bed, the stone edge secures the planting and gives a sense of permanence. It’s beautiful, especially if your home has a stone facade.

Rock garden

Free up space in your garden to surround your small river with rocks and low flowers such as ground orchids, purslane, or ornamental cacti. It’ll give your property an attractive combination of neutral-colored stones and colorful foliage with far less maintenance than a traditional flower garden.

Pebble border

You can choose to surround the pouch, patio, or fence with a few feet of rock before moving to the lawn. This is a great way to create a container garden for an extra touch of color without occupying precious square feet on the balcony.


Xeriscaping was developed to conserve water by replacing traditional grasses with desert plants. Small rocks and large boulders make the ideal ground cover for succulents, ornamental grasses, and drought-tolerant cacti.

Start Designing Today!

So don’t wait and start designing your landscape now. If you need any help with landscape rock installation, Gorski Landscaping is here for you.

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