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Key Elements of Landscape Designing you must Essentially Take Care Of

Whether you’re planning to add a swimming pool to your backyard or completely revamp your outdoors, having a landscape design plan is crucial. A study by suggests that a professional landscape plan from the landscaping services Rochester NY can deliver a return on investment as high as 150%.

Just because your outdoor space is the equivalent of a blank canvas, you can’t randomly start adding color to it. To create a landscape design, there is an assortment of landscape elements that need to be considered in the plan. 

So, before going to the nursery and picking a plethora of plants, make a well-crafted landscape plan. And make sure to include the following key elements of landscape design in the plan.

Basic Elements Of A Landscape Design Plan

The elements of landscaping that we’ll be discussing here are:

  • Lines
  • Mass
  • Balance
  • Form 
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Lighting
  • Simplicity


Want your landscape decoration to be soothing to the eyes? Then, the landscape plan needs to have lines connecting various focal points of your outdoor space. You must subtly incorporate lines to draw the eyes towards each feature of your yard. 

Vertical lines drive one’s eyes upward. While horizontal lines are perfect for enticing attention to small alcoves, garden areas, or paths. 

Note – Curved landscaping lines tend to be more natural and calming. On the other hand, straight lines are more direct and formal.


This is the area of the outdoor space occupied by the main elements of your landscape design. It could be anything –

  • A gazebo
  • Flowerbeds
  • The plants within the flowerbed
  • A swing set

These landscaping items add mass to your outdoor space. Each of these components will have its place. 

But make sure the items are placed and balanced proportionately. Or else the landscape design will look cluttered or cramped.


“Balance” in landscape design means – keeping the size of trees, shrubbery, and other outdoor structures in proportion. This balance should be maintained in comparison to your house and the outdoor space you’re working with.

Choose plants and landscape design elements that complement the style of your home. Determine the theme or feel of the landscaping before. Then, work to have the design be functionally and aesthetically placed.

Here is a good rule of thumb the expert landscape designers Rochester NY apply for balance –

All the heights of elements (fence, fountain, or shrubbery) should be 1/3th of the height of the outdoor space. So, a yard that is 24 square feet is best paired with a vertical element that is 8 feet tall.



Everything in your outdoor space has a shape. From driveways and walkways to garden areas and seating areas – every element has a form. 

The form could be triangles, squares, circles, or irregular shapes. Each of these shapes contributes to the form of your total landscape.

Typically –

  • Rectangular forms are formal
  • Circular forms are soft
  • Triangular forms are strong
  • Irregular forms are perceived as carefree

You’ll surely want your landscape design to express a certain personality. Make sure to let your professional landscaping team know what message you want your landscape to reflect. They will convey with a matching landscaping form.


The best and the easiest way to add life and energy to a landscape design is through color. Colors help unite the outdoor space, whether it is through –

  • Stone retaining walls
  • Pavers for a patio
  • Landscaping flowers
  • Decorative fountains

Add a pop of colors to your landscape to make it more inviting to you and your visitors.


There is no dearth of textures in nature. So, why not utilize them to make your landscape design shine?

Having a good texture will make your landscape design more appealing to the senses. Be bold and incorporate a wide range of plant types in the same space. For e.g. – combine a variety of hostas with ornamental grass. Also, don’t forget to plant trees from big to small.

Check out some easy ways to incorporate texture into your landscaping –

  • Replace wood mulch with rocks and boulders to brighten up dark corners of your yard
  • The shape of plants, leaves, or, flowers can provide elements of texture to the landscape. For instance – hosta’s broad leaves can add surface color and density to a plant bed.
  • Create fine texture in your landscape by including plants with clusters of tiny flowers.


Just like color is important to your outdoor space, so are outdoor lights. Illuminating elements can take your landscaping to the next level.  Lights can also add security to your yard when placed properly.

There is a range of landscape lighting choices that can be used to set the vibe of your outdoor space. Try to take advantage of natural lighting along with landscape lighting. For instance – plant trees and shrubs along the east/west line. This will create an enthralling display at sunset/sunrise.

Here are some lighting methods to create the perfect amount of drama in a landscape –

  • Highlighting – Placing a spotlight at the base of an outdoor element
  • Silhouetting – Installing the landscape light behind a feature, aiming towards an adjacent wall.
  • Wall Washing – Placing the lighting fixture a few feet away from the landscaping feature and giving it a sideways angle


A busy landscape design with numerous features is not convenient. For one – it will be problematic to maintain it. Also, it can be difficult to focus on key elements or be able to relax.

So, try and keep the landscape design plan simple. You can easily find pleasure and relaxation while enjoying the outdoor living space.

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