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Landscaping Ideas For A Beautiful Holiday Home

Even though you enjoy decorating your home on holidays, you need a little more effort and time to make it the focal point as compared to your neighbors. To impress your friends, family,  guests, and neighbors, you need to take your decoration to the next level. 

Instead of just adding temporary decor for your holidays, try to apply top-notch landscaping ideas. The best landscaping company in Rochester can keep your lawn pretty throughout the year. Here is a list of some permanent features of landscaping ideas that can make your home the most attractive in the neighborhood.  

5 landscaping ideas for a beautiful holiday home

🔹 Plant Conifers

Conifers are inclusive of varied kinds of plants that maintain the leaves and their color throughout the year. 

Regardless of the temperature, you can install these plants to make them look beautiful and lush throughout the year. We also suggest you plant pinecones for attractive landscaping plant ideas. However, some conifers keep shedding seasonally, so you may need high maintenance.

But we’ve got you covered. You do not need to compromise conifers because of their higher maintenance, as our landscaping and maintenance in Rochester can enhance your landscape beauty with proper maintenance.

🔹 Fire Pit for an outdoor hanging space

It is a wonderful idea to install a portable or permanent fire pit for a more welcoming atmosphere for neighbors, friends, and family. Such home landscaping ideas are great for hosting friends, family, and neighborhood gatherings. A warm fire pit can feel inviting throughout the year. 

Gorski Landscaping has excellent landscape and hardscape ideas to add up to your outdoor fire pit area to fit your style and taste. If you want a permanent structure, you can select between the traditional option of wood-burning or gas.

🔹 Winter Blossoms

You can add winter blossoms like Honeywort, Pieris Japonica, Sweet Alyssum, Kaffir Lilies, Hellebores, and Camellias. We can directly place many of such colorful plants into your flowerbeds or in your pots on a winter porch. 

This way we can wisely bring life to your landscape in winter by adding winter-blooming plants, making your property stand out on those Rochester winters. 

🔹 Evergreen winter porch

You may be unaware, but not all evergreens are bushes or large trees. There is a range of different kinds of plants that we can plant on your winter porch pots. We can create a stark contrast by planting evergreens colorfully in your winter porch pots during holidays to last after that.

Our service for landscaping and maintenance in Rochester can plant some evergreens in candy-attached porch pots to pathway lights. This can create an atmosphere with both an elegant and festive vibe. 

🔹 Garland and wreaths

Both garlands and wreaths can add a seasonal decor view to your outdoor space. A beautiful wreath in your landscaping ideas placed on your windows or front door can create an inviting atmosphere for the holidays.
You can wrap garlands around your stair railings, your mailbox or outdoor lamppost can help you enhance your holiday feeling. 

A top-notch holiday landscape design

Implementing your holiday hardscaping or landscaping ideas is a fun activity in that your whole family can get involved. If you want to stand out among your neighbors, it’s always better to let a professional transform your landscape or hardscape ideas.

Gorski Landscaping is built with such professionalism that it can transform your landscaping ideas into ultimate reality. Hence, you can be sure to impress your neighbors, friends, and family this holiday. 

You’re just a call away from a beautiful holiday landscape. Enquire now!

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