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Map Your Landscape Zones! Here’s Why

Have you heard people mention landscape zone maps? But you’re probably not sure what they mean or why are they important? If that’s what it is, then you’ve come to the correct place. 

Correct plants thrive better in the correct landscape zones. Since you want a happy landscape, here’s a review of the landscaping zone map and why it’s important.

What are landscaping zones?

Landscaping zones are the hardiness zones categorized by USDA. It is used to divide the country into sections, based on the data pattern of weather. Currently, the Plant Hardiness Zone Map has 13 zones. Each of them is separated by a 10-degree Fahrenheit range. 

Why do landscape zones matter?

The area and weather conditions help landscapers decide which plants to plant. They follow the Plant Hardiness Zone Map standards. But that doesn’t mean your plant will survive even in the worst weather conditions. Plants always need love and care!

Did you know the hardiness zone of Rochester? It falls in 6a and 6b.

What are the limitations?

You may find shortfalls in the Plant Hardiness Zone Map. The information may even turn out wrong, based on the microclimate of Rochester. There can also be plants that seem to grow well in your neighborhood. But we all know that conditions like pH levels and soil moisture may discourage growth. 

Rest assured, because the best landscaping company in Rochester can fix your problem. Your soil will be tested right away, and you will find out the exact reason for your dying plants. Following this, you are getting some top-notch treatments as well.

Why should you know your landscape zones?

As an owner, you know that landscaping plants depend on different conditions to survive. But weather conditions, i.,e hardiness zones are always the most crucial. Following are some of the reasons why:

Know what you are buying: When you buy plants in your local nursery, you can always look for correct-sized plants. 

Avoid thinking this, “I think I’ll buy this fancy plant. After all, I just need to regularly water and fertilize”. But, you’re wrong! A foreign plant may die even with the utmost care.

 So, it helps when you know your hardiness zone because you know exactly what to look for. 

Grow different plants: As you know about different hardiness levels, you’ll also know that some plants are hardier than others. Many are so versatile that they grow in different planting zones.

Make a wiser investment: Let’s agree already; plants are investments! Some can be too pricey, but when well-cared they’ll last for years. So,  by knowing hardiness zone-friendly plants, you are preventing yourself from recreating a whole new landscape for years to come. 

Get assistance from professionals

It’s indeed true that knowing landscape zones make it easier to decide on plant species. But, everyone fancies a beautiful foreign plant. 

So, if you are finding it challenging to grow one then the best landscaping company in Rochester is just a call away. For instance, Gorski Landscaping can assist you in all kinds of landscaping jobs. 

Call us for a landscape renovation!

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