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Tips to Protect Your Yard From Hole Digging Animals

Your garden is your best place to spend some time in nature. But, if you notice your vegetation and garden plants are damaged and have holes in the ground, it is a sign your yard has been invaded. Now you need to find out the animal that digs holes in your yard.

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Here are a few tips to protect your yard from little devils.

Know Your Culprit

Getting proper knowledge about your yard digger will help you combat accordingly.

The tips to know the pest:

Check if there is any excrement left behind. The size, shape, and color of excrement can determine the exact species of the animal.

Commonly found excrement include:

  • Small, pea-sized shots could be from rats, mice, chipmunks, rabbits, or bats.
  • Little bigger, smoother, oval shots could be from a white-tailed deer.
  • Small, two-inch long might be from a fox or coyote.
  • Four-inch long, segmented shots with blunt ends might be a sign of a bobcat.
  • Lawn care service provides all the necessary ideas to recognize your culprit here.
  • Analyze tracks, holes, or perches. The size of the hole determines the type and size of the animal.
  • Smaller holes might be a nest for chipmunks, voles, Norway rats, or snakes. 
  • Big cavities, up to 6 to 12 inches in diameter close to the bottom of trees or walls could belong to red foxes, skunks, armadillos, or coyotes.
  • Surface holes, shrouded by a ring of ameliorated soil, are often a sign of skunks. 
  • If you find chunks of grass here and there it is a sign of a raccoon.
  • Mounds in your yard soil could be indications of an underground tunnel, most presumably done by moles. 
  • 10-inch, crescent-shaped ridges could be a sign of pocket gophers.

Observe the time of the digging. It will help you track the pattern and plan accordingly. Most of them attack the lawn after dark.

Find Out The Reason These Animals Are In Your Lawn

After identifying the animal, the next step is to find out why these animals are digging a hole in your lawn. If your lawn or yard is providing food, and shelter it is heaven for them. If your yard treatment is not happening from time to time it will encourage the growth of worms, insects, etc. Providing a buffet for the animal that is digging home in your yard. Hiring a lawn maintenance service in Rochester, NY can help make your yard clear from these pests and animals.

Yard Treatment For Hole Digging Animals

Follow these quick tips to solve the issue and treat your yard:

Change Your Yard

This can be the most effective By removing them to get rid of these animals digging holes in your yard.  Once food, water, and habitat from your yard are eliminated from your yard they will search for a new place.

Employ Barricades

This is an expensive way to protect your yard from the animals that dig a hole in your yard.

Material barricades include:

  • Chicken wire and chain link fences 
  • Fencing stumps, metal wires, and cable links 
  • Assemble a below-ground barrier of wire mesh to block tunnel-digging animals. 

Natural and chemical barriers:

  • Cayenne pepper rinse can be used as yard treatment for plants to prevent harming animals. Reapplication is needed for this remedy.
  • Coffee and garlic powder also works as cayenne pepper barrier natural barriers. 
  • Other organic products are also available for yard treatment. Contact lawn care service in Rochester.

Alarming Devices:

  • Motion sensor lights are common for preventing nocturnal diggers. Adjust the focus on the affected area. The animal won’t come when the light switch on when it comes.
  • Lawn sprinklers make a great option for threatening undesirable lawn digging animals. 
  • Sonic spikes articulate high-frequency noises that can help prevent undesirable lawn digging animals as well. 

Fix A Trap For The Lawn Digging Animal 

This is an ancient way to get rid of undesirable animal. But check with your area law if it is permitted or not. The safest option is to hire an experienced trapping service.

Sometimes it is good to hire a professional lawn care service for yard treatment. Hire the best lawn care service in Rochester, NY for a safe evacuation of the animal or pests from your yard.

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