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Top 4 Benefits of Scheduling a Lawn Care in Spring

Once spring sets foot, all we want to do is run outdoors and enjoy the beautiful season. But this time of the year presents more opportunities than “just recreational tasks”. 

The pleasant outdoor weather that spring brings makes it an amazing time to get the best lawn care services in Rochester. Spring lawn care can magnify the aesthetics of a property in the short term. Also, it can prove to be valuable in the long term. Here, we’ll look at more benefits that the spring lawn care schedule brings to your yard. Let’s begin!

Benefits Of Spring Lawn Care Services

🔹 Helps With Drought-Resistance 

Annual core aeration brings you and your lawn several amazing benefits. But the most important one amongst them is that it helps your lawn through the hot, dry summer. Here is how –

If your lawn is with compacted soil, most of the root growth will occur close to the surface. This makes your lawn highly susceptible to the summer drought. 

Core aeration opens up your yard soil so that water, air, and fertilizers can penetrate deeper. As a result, the grassroots also grow deeper, thereby giving you a lawn that can better tolerate harsh summer drought. 

🔹 A Lush Green Lawn Acts As Air-Conditioning

We all love the pleasant experience of walking barefoot on the lawn and feeling how cool the grass is underfoot. That’s not smoke and mirrors! Grass indeed plays a vital role in cooling our climate.

The turf can cool itself and its surroundings through the process of evaporation. Temperatures over grass surfaces on a hot summer day are 10-14 degrees cooler than over asphalt or concrete surfaces. 

The quintessential spring lawn care tasks for a healthier lawn that can lower temperatures are –

  • Feed regularly
  • Mow high
  • Deep watering
  • Reseed

🔹 Cleans The Air And Traps CO2

Like all living greens, your lawn grass absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen. The turf also traps dust. This keeps all grime out of the air and your lungs. 

To ensure your lawn has all the power it needs to purify the air, we recommend scheduling a spring fertilizer application. This spring lawn care task will introduce phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to your lawn. With your yard receiving its required nutrients, you can rest assured that your grass is healthy enough to clean the air.

🔹 Keeps Your Lawn Healthy All Year Long

Armed with the best spring lawn care tasks, you can prolong the life of your grass all season long. When it comes to getting the most and best out of your lawn, the groundwork starts in spring. The reason is –

Your lawn goes dormant in winter. So once the snow starts melting, it is vital to do some yard work to ensure it grows to its full potential. Even if your area doesn’t see brutal winters, your grass will still experience some level of dormancy. 

The grass continues to grow, no doubt but in a much slower manner. They do this to conserve the nutrients and water till the ideal growing temperature in summer comes back. Thus giving your lawns early spring care can set them for a thriving growth all year long.

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