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When Should Be Your First Lawn Cut of The Year?

Spring is already here. That means it’s time to look a lot at your lawn care to-do list. You must start planning out for the next growing season. But do you know when to schedule your first lawn cutting service with the best lawn care services in Rochester? Read on to discover!

Which month is the best for lawn cutting service?

You can mark your calendar from late April to early May i.e., in spring for mowing the lawn for the first time in the year. The new seedlings that you planted in the fall time have sprouted by now. They are now sturdy to bear the stress of mowing. 

If the grass blades are strong enough, mowing can help them grow even stronger. It will allow adequate water and sunlight to reach the bottom of the blades.

When Is The Best Time To Cut Grass In Spring?

Now that you know the best month to cut the lawn, you must be tempted to pull the lawnmower immediately. However, it’s best to wait back and first look at the lawn conditions before you begin. By correctly timing the lawn cutting service, you’ll enjoy lusher results throughout the year. 

You can determine the right time for the mowing task by asking yourselves some questions. Here are they – 

⭐ How Tall Is The Turf?

Give your spring lawn a chance to develop strong and healthy roots. This implies waiting until your grass is at least 2-3 inches before cutting. Also, stick to the rule of not mowing more than 2/3rd of its length. Or else, your turf will die before it’s had a chance to grow.

⭐ When Did You Last Fertilize?

Spring is also a great time to fertilize your lawn because of its high growth rate. Feed them while they are growing and they will consume the nutrients at a much faster rate than normal. The turf must absorb the nutrients before your grass-cutting service. So, plan accordingly.

⭐ How Is The Weather?

Unseasonal rainfalls are quite a common occurrence in Rochester. They cause a huge rush of damp growth in yards that can make it difficult for the lawn cutting service. So, pay close attention to the weather conditions before starting the work. If there’s a possible rain, scale back the mowing schedule until the lawn dries off.

⭐ Do You Have Enough Time For The Lawn Cutting Service?

As soon as you perform that first cut, you have to mow your lawn every 3 to 5 days. This will create a clean and manicured look for your yard. So, choose a time when you can devote that much time to lawn-care work.

⏳ What Time Of Day Is Best For Lawn Mowing?

When it comes to ideal lawn maintenance, there is even the best time of day for lawn cutting. The perfect time to mow is in mid-morning. That is between 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. If morning is not a suitable time of the day for you, then schedule it for late afternoon. Avoid lawn cutting service in the heat of the mid of the day. This can harm new growth.

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