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How to Prepare your Lawn to Pass the Cold Winter?

Like many, do you think lawn maintenance is only for spring? But let us tell you, proper lawn care happens all year long. Our lawn needs a little tender love and care as winter sets in Rochester.  

A lawn maintenance plan is always created by incorporating everything under one roof. So, the best lawn care services in Rochester promise a winter-effective plan. To give you an idea of how we’ve collected some tips in the following.

Ways to make your lawn winter-friendly in Rochester with ultimate care and maintenance

Fertilizing lawn in winter

During these cold months, lawns start conserving their energy. It means your lawn survives on the stored foods, collected in their roots. This means it never stops growing even in the coldest weather. 

That’s why we know when they need additional nutrients. We help lawns thrive with great health in that harsh cold weather. 

But you’re probably wondering when to fertilize your lawn? Gorski Landscaping checks the climate in Rochester and fertilizes just after the last mow. That when just before winter arrives. 

Help in repair and new growth

Aerate, dethatch, and seed your lawn! We start before the coldest Rochester winter months kick in This makes your lawn grow lush green in spring. 

Our lawn maintenance program includes removing dead grass layers at first. It carries air and nutrients into the roots. We also repair any bare patches while aerating, dethatching, and seeding. 

Adjust the sprinkler system

If you are likely to winterize your lawn, do the same to your sprinkler system. Follow by,

  • shutting off the water; 
  • turning off the timer; 
  • draining the water; 
  • insulating the components. 

It’s good both for your system and your wallet. Failure in doing so can damage your sprinkler system. Any water left inside will freeze into ice and break your pipes. 

But, the question goes, “how often should I water my lawn in winter?” The good news is winter slows the lawn growth. That means, your lawn doesn’t need extra water to survive. 

Don’t overfeed

Overfeeding is just as important to avoid as focusing on simply feeding. That is why we give the final feedings of  lawn maintenance in October. That’s the Rochester winter positively kicks in. We make sure your lawn is tough and fine in the following colder months. 

If you overfeed, you are encouraging premature growth. It’s of no use because they won’t even survive the winter anyway. Hence, call us right away if you want the proper amount of feeding for your lawn. 

Stay ahead of the weeds

Weeds are our worst enemies. Be it the home or lawn weeds! These greedy substances rightly survive the coldest frost. Mainly, if you do or do not carry lawn maintenance.

But, there’s a good part! Just like the other parts of your lawn, your weeds are having slow winter growth. Take the chance and get them dug up. 

We dig any larger or small weeds when they are dry and weak. We even prevent them from seeding back by mowing on a high blade setting.

Have a beautiful lawn all year long with proper winter care

Winter portrays dry and dead lawns. But we can help you avoid the mess in the coming months. Enjoy your holidays while the best lawn care services in Rochester take care of your winter lawn.

Utilize our service in winterizing your lawn. At Gorski Landscaping, you’re getting a 24/7 service. This means irrespective of season, our emergency services can reach you anytime. Dial us at 716 380 0680 for lawn maintenance!

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