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5 Great Benefits of Smart Irrigation Systems

Every homeowner wants to have a green and healthy landscape but having and keeping it the same ain’t that easy.

While having a lawn irrigation system is a great way to maintain the visual appeal and the health of your landscape, a smart irrigation system takes this benefit to the next level. With the intelligent lawn sprinkler system, you can control the watering from anywhere and you can make the required adjustments quite easily.

As the best landscaping company in Rochester, we always focus to help our customers learn the best practices that help them to maintain a greener and healthier yard. In this blog, we will discuss how a smart irrigation system can help you take your outdoor’s aesthetics to the next level.

5 Advantages of Smart Irrigation Systems

  • Saves Money and Controls Water Wastage

Depending on the smart irrigation controller you choose, it can adjust the day’s weather, the type of plant you are watering, the type of soil, and the slope. Some smart controllers even offer place-specific weather adaptations that are tailored to the specific microclimate of your property, which further reduces the risk of excess water.

Drivers can be customized from your phone and help you identify leaks that are very difficult to find using low-tech drivers.

  • Enhances Health and Beauty of Your Landscape

Many people worry that switching to an intelligent lawn sprinkler system will damage the landscaping by not providing enough water for the plants. However, the number one cause of landscape loss is not floods, but too much water. This indicates that the settings can take one’s yard to the next level.

An intelligent irrigation controller can adjust the right amount of water for your plants to help them grow. Some controllers adapt to the type of soil they pass through and absorb irrigation so that water is absorbed and not drained. It can also adapt to rain, preventing watering that can be harmful to plants.

  • Helps in Water Scarcity 

According to recent studies, one-third of Americans now pay more for water than electricity. Water prices are still rising and often have a high operating cost. Water costs have risen faster than any other service cost. These charges will continue to increase to pay for infrastructure improvements. A smart irrigation controller can help you predict water cost curves and help the planet by conserving your water resources.

  • Reduce Hardscape Loss

Hardscapes are inanimate parts of your landscape, such as your stone walls and terrace. Irrigating exactly where your plants are can help you reduce hard ground losses. Replacing and maintaining paved areas that are cracked and damaged by irrigation is expensive and a lot of hassle. Irrigating with smart irrigation control can also prevent sidewalks and pavements from cracking by reducing waste.

  • Helps Avoid Fines 

With a smart irrigation system, you can easily adjust the amount of water you water in your landscape. This ensures that you are always in compliance with the Owners Association and Government water restrictions.

Install a Smart Lawn Irrigation System  

Hopefully, these points were enough for you to realize that the key to saving money, reducing water waste, and maintaining beautiful scenery is to switch to an intelligent irrigation controller. If you want to know more about smart irrigation or other lawn care practices to take care of your landscape, contact Gorski Landscaping.

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