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Spring is Knocking at The Door, Time to Start Preparing Your Beautiful Lawn!

Affordable Lawn Care – The winters seemed to stretch on forever – with endless time huddled inside your home, shivering beneath a blanket. But now that spring is just around the corner, it is time to gear up yourself and your garden. It is prep time folks!

Some work and planning for your front yard and you’re all set to embrace a perfect spring-ready lawn ready to bloom and flourish! Before the onslaught, here’s a checklist of everything you need to achieve evergreen lawn care. You can always DIY or call upon professional lawn care services in Rochester!

Spring Checklist 2022

Dust off Your Tools

Instead of sitting around, go to your shed and dust off all your lawn care tools, arrange for cleaning services and mend any cracks! It is also a great idea to inventory all your available tools and restock the ones that you don’t. 

Prepare a proper list with all your necessary tools – garden spreader, mower, rakes, blower, shovels, etc. – to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important. 

Clean up the Yard Bed

Cleaning up your yard might seem like an exhausting task, but trust us, just wait for the spring bloom. With a clean lawn, your pretty flowers would have enough space to grow and thrive. Remove or cut all the plants that didn’t make it through the winter and prune the ones with hanging or dead branches.  

Chart out a Spring Planting Plan

Way too cold out and don’t feel like working on lawn care? Let your creative juices flow! Utilize the time to create a spring lawn and garden plan. Think about the spring flowers you want to grow, how you plant them, do you want to achieve a pattern with them or anything else you have in mind. Just chart out your plan and wait around to execute it! 

Choose a Spring Fertilizer

As the temperatures are rising again with the change in weather, the soil temperature is increasing as well. This change will also cause a difference in the soil conditions which can only be corrected through the spring fertilizer. 

Pull Out The Weeds and Say Goodbye to the Pests

While you may have lost your favorite blooms, these pesky weeds will still be present until you forcefully remove them. It is integral to remove them before spring starts, or your plants won’t ever get a chance to root out properly. 

Go ahead and root out these hindrances of your yard and lawn so that you will have healthy and nutrient-laden soil for proper growth. 

Affordable Lawn Care Is Right At Your Doorstep!

Sometimes winter will grasp you so hard that you won’t even want to remove your feet from a warm blanket. But what about lawn care? Surely you don’t want to neglect it – and you don’t have to

All you need to do is call upon Gorski Landscaping, one of the best lawn care services in Rochester, and schedule a visit. Our team will provide you with affordable lawn care with excellent precision that will surely leave you in awe. 

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