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Top Notch Landscaping: 5 Trees that can Enhance your Small Yard

Top Notch Landscaping: A well-kept, beautiful lawn offers countless benefits for us and the environment. In addition to giving our home an aesthetic touch,  green lawns keep the air clean, reduce noise pollution, and of course, help us calm down and cheer up our mood.

Typically, most of us feel, the bigger the lawn, the better we can create our perfect decorative green outdoors – but in reality, we need more knowledge.

Regardless of your yard size, you can always fill it with beauty and greenery. There are ample small, attractive, and appealing trees that can enhance your lawn – no matter the size. The best thing about them? They come in different shapes, colors, and styles which allows you to adorn your lawn as per your preferences and the way it complements your home exterior.

If you have a compact lawn and are looking for trees to decorate your outdoor space – without making it look so congested, here are some tree recommendations from the top-notch landscaping company in Rochester. Growing these trees in your yard will decorate your lawn just the right while keeping you close to nature. 

5 Small Trees to Grow in Your Yard


Arborvitae is a very popular, slow-growing, dense evergreen tree that can create a small privacy screen or hedge around your yard. This narrow, pyramid-shaped tree is low maintenance, hardy and some of them get an appealing bronze cast during the fall. The blue-green foliage can grow up to 20 ft and make great accents for doors and garden gates.

Prairifire Crabapple

These deciduous trees bloom deep-pink flowers that add a whole new life and look to your lawn during the spring. They also develop purplish fruits during the winter that helps maintain a colorful year-round look. You can put a single one in the front yard for curb appeal or use a pair to decorate the gate. Under a full-spot sun, these trees can grow up to 20 ft tall.

Norway Spruce

Otherwise famous as the Christmas tree, the Norway spruce has a durable spire shape. The light green foliage turns into the vibrant dark green shade after the early spring. The Norway spruce can reach up to 60ft and are ideal to be used as a windbreak for your yard. The tree is easy to maintain and has a medium growth rate.

Royal Star Magnolia

With its garish fragrant flowers, dark green leaves, and striking gray bark – the royal star magnolia can easily be one of the standouts to enhance your lawn’s look.

This particular variety can tolerate cold and heat, and its bright fragrant white flowers bloom in the early spring, followed by a leafy green backdrop for the rest of the year.

The Royal Star Magnolia can reach up to 15 ft tall and wide and is easily one of the best ways to add a gorgeous spring interest to any backyard.

Dwarf Blue Spruce

The dwarf blue spruce is an attractive and superb year-round tree that also functions as a living fence for your yard. One of the top choices for evergreen landscaping, this tree has an upright pyramidal form with bright blue-green needles. Their needles are showy and change shades to silvery blue during spring. Dwarf blue spruce is a low-maintenance that grows up to 15 ft tall and 4 ft wide and is ideal for adding a vertical accent to the yard.


These colorful, vibrant, and low-maintenance trees are quite effective in enhancing the look of your outdoors and designing top-notch landscaping.

If you have been thinking of ways to make your lawn more beautiful and aesthetic, but nothing great struck your mind, fret not! Contact Gorski landscaping, and we will advise on the best trees to grow in your garden. Renowned as the best landscaping company in Rochester, we also provide a wide variety of lawn care and maintenance services, including SOD Installation, hardscaping, and weed control. Contact us to get your free quotation today!

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