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When You Should Aerate Your Lawn This Spring

What is the Best and Worst Time To Aerate Your Lawn in Spring?

Ask anyone what is the perfect time to aerate your lawn – and the answer will be “when it is actively growing”. Sounds so simple!

But it’s not always bells and whistles when one tries to find the right times to aerate their lawns. That’s because different kinds of turf have different growth periods. 

In this blog, we’ve broken down the best and the worst times to aerate your lawns as per the grass type. Give it a read and help your lawns reach their full green, lush potential.

Warm Season v/s Cool-Season Grass

The main differing point between both the turf types is their distinct active growth period. 

Warm-Season Grass They grow ardently between April to October. This turf type tolerates heat and drought well, making them a perfect fit for warmer climates.

The warm-season grass goes dormant as the winter steps in. They turn brown or yellow until the sunnier days come back.

Cool-Season Grass In contrast, cool-season turfs can fit in both hot summer and freezing winter climates. They grow proactively in spring and fall when the temperatures remain moderate. The cool-season grass hibernates and stops its active growth on the hottest days.

When Should You Aerate Warm-Season Grasses?

Warm-season turfs like Zoysia and Bermuda grow actively in the spring and summer months. So, if your lawns have warm-season grasses, aerate them as soon as the spring sets in.

When Should You Aerate Cool-Season Grasses?

Cool-season turfs (Ryegrass, Fine Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass) grow actively in moderate temperatures. So, the best time of year to aerate lawn will be in spring and fall. 

What Is The Worst Time To Aerate Your Lawn?

Knowing the best time to aerate lawns is important, but it is equally important to know the bad times too. 

If we look as per the grass type, for –

  • Warm-season grass – never aerate them in late spring to early fall
  • Cool-season grass – never aerate them in late fall to early winter

The point is to not aerate them when the grass stays dormant. You want the roots to remain active as you aerate to get a healthy, lush lawn.

How Frequently Should You Aerate Lawns?

You should make lawn aeration a vital part of your annual lawn maintenance work. Aerating lawns once a year at the same time is more than enough to get healthy lawn growth throughout the year. But if your lawn faces a lot of foot traffic, make sure to aerate it at least twice a year.

What Are The Tell-Tale Signs That A Lawn Needs Aeration?

Other than the regular aeration once a year, the lawn may need aeration at other times too. A lawn signals for aeration in many different ways like –

  • After watering, puddles are forming or water dries out quickly
  • Brown or dead spots in lawns
  • Thin and dull grass

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